Change of Heart

Amber had a perfect life, she was popular, everyone loved her and she was Head Cheerleader. Her sister Sabrina was always jealous of her. Everything changed when Nathan moved in next door.


16. It feels bad to feel happy

"what are you talking about" I asked "are you seariously asking me that. And I don't exactly think that you should be the one crying!" Sabrina yelled back at me. I picked a small mirror up off the pale wood dresser next to my bed and raised it up to my face. My eyes where red and puffy as was my nose and my cheeks. I looked up at Sabrina and stared into her eyes" can you please calm down so we can talk about what's going on, because I honestly have no Idea what you are talking about." Sabrina sat down on my bed " you can not seriously be that innocent. I know you like him it's obvious. It's all your fault! It's all your fault! It's all your fa... She broke down in tears. " Sabrina, what's all my fault?" she looked angrily at me " HE BROKE UP WITH ME! And it's all because of you. I know you wanted us broken up. And you finally got your wish. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!!" she yelled as she stormed out of my room. The sad thing was that this did make me happy. I'm such a bad sister. But this just gave me so many rays of hope. I walked out of my room after getting ready trying not to show how happy I was. I felt so guilty for feelIng happy. I hopped on the bus to school that day with slIghtly less eyeliner on than usual. On the bus I sat awkwardly by myself, playing with the little bits of skin around my nails. It was Thursday so my first class was English. I sat through a boring lesson of my teacher going on and on about persuasive essays. I had PE(physical education) next so I walked around the large building used for storage to get to the girls change rooms. Halfway through walking behind the deserted storage room, someone confronted me. I looked up to see Nathan's blue eyes Leigh's next to me. Without any achnowledgement he leaned in and kissed me. My heart pounded as I placed my hands on his shoulders pulling him closer to me. After remembering my sisters teary eyes that morning I pulled away from his soft lips. I looked into his eyes " we really shouldn't be doing this you know" I murmured. " why?" he questioned playfully. " because I have a sister with a broken heart that really dosnt need to be shattered into anymore pieces. Thats why"
" she dosnt need to know though." he answered back playfully.
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