Change of Heart

Amber had a perfect life, she was popular, everyone loved her and she was Head Cheerleader. Her sister Sabrina was always jealous of her. Everything changed when Nathan moved in next door.


6. Heartbreak

Every day I talked to him and as time went on we became closer. Until one day I realized we were good friends. I went over to his house, we started talking and after a while I asked him" so are there any girls your umm interested in?" "Well" he said " promise you won't tell anyone."
" I promise" I said slowly. " well, I kinda like Sabrina" " What? You mean my sister Sabrina?"
" well, yea she is the only Sabrina I know" " ummm I've gotta go" I said as I rushed out of the room. I ran towards my house tears streaming down my face. I rushed through the door and accidentally bumped into Sabrina. " are you alright?" she asked. I just kept running until I reached my room, I slammed down onto my bed. I felt like my world was going to end.
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