the best thing yet

17 year old Madison finaly manages to escape her rapeist father and her drug adict brother.but when She and her 2 best friends Nalla and Simba (wolfs that madison has raised and trained to defend her)are found and saved by Harry will Madison fall for one of the boys


3. the whole story

i sat on the bed wearing my pajammas and watching TV when liam walked in."how are you"liam asked."good" i said as i heard bangig at the door.liam and i walked out and saw dillan."how did you find me"i asked."i tracked down your cell phone"dillan said holding a gun.just then nalla and simba came to my side"nalla sick him"i said pointing to dillan.dillan shot her in the side she fell to the floor and i fell to her side and weeped into her fur.i looked at hi pointing the gun at liam"simba sick him" i whispered into simbas ear while pointing at dillan.the next thing happened almost instantaniously simba juping on dillan causing him to drop the gun i grabbed the gun and pointed it at dillans head"ive wanted to do this for so long"i said"but i wont go away dillan and never come back"


Lias POV:

"ok who was that"i said as i followed madison into her room."that was my big brother"madison said while patching up nallas wound with some gause we found in the kitchin."no i want to know everything"i said."ok"she said and she told  me everything that had happened scince her mum died.i know had a tear in my eye."i didnt know"i said."its fine"madison said as she moved in closer for a lips touced hers and i imedatly felt a conection.she pushed away after about 7 seconds.i then looked over and saw zayn in the doorway with a smile on his face"liams got a girlfriend"zayn yelled childishly and then he ran out of the room."i'll be right back"i said as i ran out of the room to chase zayn around the house."i'm gonna kill you" i screamed."gotta catch me to kill me" zayn yelled."you can't out run me"i yelled as i grabbed zayns soulder."hey liam you get any action"harry yelled to me."screw you"i told him."no aparently its screw you"harry said sarcasticly.i just turned around and ignored him."hey liam" madison said as she walked in."oh hey madison"i said a little embarrased."well acording to zayn you can call me your girlfriend"madison said."oh im sorry"i siad to her"my band mates are very immiture"."its cool i kinda like the title girlfriend"she said.

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