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17 year old Madison finaly manages to escape her rapeist father and her drug adict brother.but when She and her 2 best friends Nalla and Simba (wolfs that madison has raised and trained to defend her)are found and saved by Harry will Madison fall for one of the boys


1. The escape

Madisons POV:

"Madison go to the garrage"Dillan yelled.

"no"I screamed from my room.Ever scince my mom died 3 years ago my older drug adict brother Dillan had tried to kidnap me and kill me 8 times and my dad John had tried to rape me every other week.

"Madison come on"Dillan pleeded."no your high again"I yelled back.I then grabbed the bacon i had left over from breakfast and whiseled a tune then Nalla and Simba ran to the barb wire fence that surrounded my house I flung the bacon out my window and they both caught it without trouble.I then slipped out of my room and saw that my dad and my brother left."probably to get Dillan more pot"i thought to myself i thrn went to the back yard and saw Nalla and Simba sitting next to a hole in the ground,we had beebn working on that hole for months and it was finally finnished without any hesatation i ran into the house and grabbed a small sutecase i had prepacked and the leftover turkey from the night before.When i got back outside Nalla jumped into the hole first then me then Simba as i got out I gave Nalla the turkey and told her to shar it with Simba and hide they obayed.I quickly ran off the property and right as i was about to turn the corner at a big oak tree i crashed into someone and quickly got up as i got ready to start running again the guy i bumped into grabbed my wrist adn asked me why i was running and why i had a sutecase i simply told him i was running away but not why i was running away.

"Do you have a place to stay" he asked as my eyes met his i could see he had never even come close to te torture i enured."Just as i was about to anwser i looked to the street and saw my dads car"no"i anwserd quickly"pleese stay at my house" he offered i said yes and then told him we had to run as we ran i looked back and saw my house grow farther from me.We had slowed down when we reached the end of the block he pointed toards one of the cars that was parked on the curb.I threw my stuff in the trunk and then paused."are you alergic to animals" i asked him.he shook his head i then whiseled the tune and the 2 wolves came running toards me the guy backed away as Nalla and Simba came to my side snarling at him.i simply snapped my fingers and they stopped"ok now we can go" i said casualy.he looked at me like i was psycotic but i didnt care i helped the wolves into the back seat and then jumped into the passenger he started the car i saw my dads black van in the mirror"GO" i yelled he pressed his foot on the gas and we drove down the street "i ment to ask you this erlier but what is your name''he asked

"madison" i said "mines Liam"he responded"thank you liam"i said his name seemed firmiliar but  didnt ask i just sat back and enjoyed the ride


Liams POV:

what a beautifull girl and shes so unique i thought to myself i then looked over at my ringing phone and set it to speaker"Hi Niall i'll be home in a few and tell the boys i have a suprise"I said as i hung up i then looked over at madison who was dead asleep "why is she running away"i thought to myself then i pulled up to the driveway as i was about to carry madison in to the house one of the wolves growled at me"alright"i said "shes all yours".i went and opened the door to the back seat and the larger wolf jumped out and threw madison on its back while the smaller wolf grabbed her bag out of my hand i just shrugged and opened the door and walked in the boys just lookd at me as zayn opened his mouth to say some thing he instead pointed behind me at the wolves who snarled at him "oh you guys this is the suprise niall told you about"i said "so 2 wolves and a girl is our suprise"louis said "yeah"i said just then madison woke up.she looked at the larger wolf and then at me and the boys "so this is akward""she said"Oh liam this is Simba"she said petting the bigger one"and this is Nalla" "your a fan of the lion king"i asked she nodded and then stood up"madison this is louis,niall,harry,and zayn"i said"boys this is madison"they all timmidly waved she waved back"you guys are one direction"madison said they all nodded.Louis stepped forward to shake her hand but before i could warn him the wolves were snarling and barking madison just snapped and the wolves stopped"Simba Nalla thy are friends"shee explainde to the wolves she then picked up her sutecase and asked where she would sleep "I dont know but before we do anything else we must go swimmig"i said she grabbed her swimsuit out of the bag and i told her where the bathroom was and she went to change.

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