the best thing yet

17 year old Madison finaly manages to escape her rapeist father and her drug adict brother.but when She and her 2 best friends Nalla and Simba (wolfs that madison has raised and trained to defend her)are found and saved by Harry will Madison fall for one of the boys


4. Never let me go

Madisons POV: We all sat on the couch and watched recordings of Adventure Time untill late at night.I was in liams arms and liam was asleep so I tried to get out of his grasp but it just kept getting tighter."Liam stop" I whined."I'm asleep" Liam said smiling."Liam" I yelled so now everyone woke up accept liam.Louis looked at me"Help me" I mouthed.Louis nodded and walked into the kitchen and about a minute later he came back out holding a spoon and handed it to me.I poked Liams cheek with the spoon and he opend his eyes."Ah spoon" He yelled while almost levitating off the couch."Thanks Lou" I said while getting up."No prob Maddy" Louis said."So what do you guys wanna do today" Harry asked."I know let's go to the spoon factory I'm sure Liam would love that" I said evily."Madison stop it" Liam whined."Alright" I said."Hey let's go shopping" Louis said in a girly retarded vioce."Like OMG yeah" I said in a simalar voice.We all laughed."actually shopping kinda sounds fun" Liam said."ok let's go I'll grab my jacket" I said."what about simba and nalla" Liam asked."they'll be fine as long as we come back within 3 hours" I said."What happens then" Liam asked."they go on a rampage and destroy everything starting with the people they last saw me with" I said."Ok so we'll get you home soon" Louis said."Yeah" I said."Let's go" Niall yelled.I grabbed my jacket and ran out the door."so where are we going" I asked."I don't know" Louis said."forever 21!Forever 21" I screamed."you can go there while the boys and I go to Gucci" Niall said."sounds good" I said.louis drove us to the mall and I sprinted to forever 21.I was in there for like an hour picking out clothes before the boys finally found me looking at some hats."so did you find any cute outfits that you want" Liam asked."um yeah a few,can I buy them" I asked."sure,let's pay then go home" Liam said."thanks" I said.We bought the clothes and headed home."this was a lot of fun,thanks guys,for everything" I said."it was nothing" they all said at the same time.I smiled and walked inside."I'm gonna go to bed" I said."goodnight" they all said at the same time.I smiled and walked to my room.I changed into my pjs and climbed into bed with Simba and nalla."Can I come in" Liam asked."yeah,is something wrong" I asked."no it's just that,I wanted you too know that I think you're really pretty,and if we could go out to dinner sometime that would be awesome" Liam said."of course" I said.Liam smiled and hugged me."I think you're pretty too" I whispered in his ear.Liam tossed me on the bed and started ticketing me."Liam stop" I giggled."not until you say I'm the handsomest man alive" Liam said."ok,you,Liam Payne,are the handsomest man alive" I said.Liam smiled."god it's hot in here" Liam said."that's probably because of me" I said.liam smiled."do you mind if I take my shirt off" Liam asked."no go ahead" I said.Liam took his shirt off."much better" Liam said."Liam,will you sing to me until I fall asleep" I asked."yeah" Liam said.I lied down in my bed next to Liam."what do you want me to sing" Liam asked while wrapping his arms around me."something by Ed sheeran" I said."white lips,pale face,breathing in the snow flakes,burnt lungs sour taste" Liam gently sang."Liam promise you'll never let me go" I said."Liam nodded and kept singing.I buried my head into his chest and fell asleep.
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