the best thing yet

17 year old Madison finaly manages to escape her rapeist father and her drug adict brother.but when She and her 2 best friends Nalla and Simba (wolfs that madison has raised and trained to defend her)are found and saved by Harry will Madison fall for one of the boys


2. chap2

When Madison walked out in her bakinni i noticed vived rope markes across her stomach but i didnt want to ask her

Madisons POV:

i could tell that Liam noticed the rope marks that i got last time my brother tried to kill me.Then i feld a stream of water hit the back of my head and when i turned around i saw louis holding a watergun."Oh its on"i said as i pulled the watergun out of louis's hands and started spraying him"Oi"he said.i smiled and then i felt simba swim over to me "ha ha now i have an advantage"i said with an evil voice."Oi boys she thinks she can beat us"louis said beckoning harry and niall over "oh she does does she"niall said with an evil smirk.just then i felt harry grab my waist and pull me under i then quickly swam up and got out of the pool"madison where are you going"Liam asked "I-i just felt a little uncomfortable"i said "nice job idiot"liam said while hitting harry in the head

Harrys POV:

Where did liam find this girl i mean really she is so pretty and nice "hey guys im gonna go"."ok"liam yelled back to me.i pulled myself out of the water and ran into the house."hey"madison said to me."hey" i responded as i sat next to her on the couch.she smiled at me i really wanted to kiss her but i had to live by the bro code of  honor that clearly states if a guy brings home a girl that guy has a week to kiss the girl before she is up for grabs."so"i said."so"madison said."those wolves of yours are kinda cool"."yeah i guess,i mean i only trained them to defend me"madison said."thats cool"i said"so where's your family"i asked."well my mom died 3 years ago and scince then my brother and dad have been taking care of me"madison said."oh im sorry"i said."yeah"madison said"do you guys have a phone"she asked.i pointed to the phone on the counter and she quickly walked over and made a call to someone.she then came back and sat next to me on the couch.just as i was about to move closer to her Nalla jumped inbetween us and started to nudge madisons shoulder."no nalla you just ate"madison said while petting nalla.then i heard the boys walk in.i could tell that madison was stairing at liam."so wheres my room"madison asked while grabbing her sutecase."well i guess you can use the guest bedroom"liam said."i'll show you where it is"niall said.madison agreed and followed niall out of the room.

Dillans POV:

(ding dong)

"dad the door"i yelled.i sat there on my laptop thinking about where my bitchy little sister had gone to.just then i heard a struggle and when i opened my bedroom door i saw my dad getting draged off by the cops.i quickly jumped out the window,unlocked the fence,and sprinted away."now all i need to do is find that little  hoe madison"i told myself"she probably turned us into the cops"


Madisons POV:

"well here it is"niall said as we walked into a room with a queen sized bed,a lovely wooden dresses,and a 42" flatscreen TV."wow"i said as i walked in followed by nalla and simba.i sat on the bed and niall sat next to me."ok you get setteled in and i'll come get you for dinner"niall said."ok" i responded.then niall walked out.i rested my head on simba he seemed tense i knew he scenced dillan so without a moment of hesatation i went out to the livingroom where the boys were watching TV."something wrong madison"asked liam."no im fine"i said looking at the floor."well come on sit down"liam said patting the empty spot on the couch next to him."we ordered a pizza and niall is heating up some leftover ribs"zayn said exitedly."cool"i said just then niall walked into the room with a plate of ribs and put them on the table and before niall even sat down i had already scarfed down half a rib."woah"liam said"you eat faster than those wolves of yours"he said pointing to nalla and simba who rested at my know my shirt was covered in barbeque sauce just then i heard a car door slam."yay pizza"niall yelled while he got off the couch and ran to the door.a minuit later the door closed and niall walked in holding 4 boxes"ok we have cheese,peperoni,meat lovers,and an everyrhing but anchovies"niall said while placing the boxes down on the table."i want meat lovers"i yelled."oh yeah we can tell you're a meat lover"harry chuckeled.i smiled.

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