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21. for Valerie(Val) of Niall

"What do you mean he's in a coma?!?" You shouted to the doctor. You were having a flashback of when a doctor told you that your husband,Niall was in a coma. He still is. Without him you just always feel lost and hopeless,kind of like there is no point of living if he's not with you.

You were in the room with him,praying to God almost every second you had to wake up Niall. "Mummy,when will Daddy wake up? I want him to right now!" Your daughter,Jessica said. "Well,sweetie,right now,Daddy is just taking a long nap.A nap that hopefully you won't have." You said to her,with tears in the corners of your eyes.

Your daughter had school the next day so the babysitter had to take her home while you stayed in the hospital,just waiting for him to blink his eyes. You started to sing "Little Things" to him,it was his favorite song. Then before you were going to bed you kissed him on the cheek. "Goodnight." You said to him.

You awoke during the night,something was moving loudly and it woke you up. "S-sweetie,is that you?" You heard a familar Irish voice. The first thing you did was run to the light switch and saw that Niall is finally out of the coma! "NIALL! I LOVE YOU!" You ran up to him. You both had tears running down your face.Your tears were touching his tears and his tears were touching yours. You called up Jessica to come down here right now.

"DADDY!" Jessica yelled as she saw her Daddy awaken. You and Niall had so much to talk about,and of course he missed you and Jessica as much as you both missed him.You and Niall decied to have Jessica skip school the next day so you guys can have fun with her Daddy and your husband. Nothing could beat this day. After his terrible coma,you,Jessica,and Niall have become a stronger family,spending every second you guys have and spend it with your family. You have learned from that time is very vaulable. After all,LIVE WHILE WERE YOUNG!

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