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20. for Teuta of Harry,

It was your birthday March 15 and the only thing you wanted to do was simply sleep in,of course not by yourself,but with your gorgeous boyfriend Harry Styles. But you simply couldn't. He was on tour,but since he was touring during your birthday,so you and Harry thought the only good idea was if you came with him!

"Wakey wakey!" You said to Harry,pushing his body until he awoke and responded."Okay! I'm up!" Harry said,getting somewhat frustrated." Sorry,Harry. But today is a day where you can't sleep in until 2:00 in the afternoon!" You said back to him,wondering if he knew what special day it was. "Sorry,babe. Its just..." He said,looking around the suite you two stayed in together. It was a big suite,but it had one bed,you guys were only going to use one bed,but still,big suite with one bed. Before you knew it he smacked his big,soft pink lips onto your perfect size red lips.

You guys had a nice lunch with Niall,Louis,El,Zayn,Perrie,and Liam. You were in this nice navy blue dress that had sparkles all over it and had only one sleeve that went onto our right shoulder,it was showing off your curves. Which you hated,you are always insecure about everything. Your body,your hair,just everything!

You were backstage at the boys concert,still in the same dress. But at least you had company back here while your boyfriend was singing his heart out to his fans. You had El,Perrie,and Lux.

You kept looking at Harry every once in a while,while playing with the Lil cutie,Lux. "I would like to dedicate this song to a beautiful girl that goes by the name of Teuta! As a matter of fact,sweetie,why don't you come out?" He said. You were walking on the stage,forgetting you had Lux in both of your hands.

"This one is for you babe." Harry said to our but right in his mic so every directioner in this arena heard him loud and proud. "Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me." Harry started singing off,even though it was Zayn`s solo,management let Harry sing this song by himself. At the end of the song,you were in tears. Tears were running down your cheeks like a waterfall. Harry knew you were insecure and how much you fancy this song. "Happy birthday my love." Harry said,before giving you a cheeky smile. The entire crowd must have hears him say hat because before you know it,everybody in this building was singing happy birthday to you. You hugged Harry for like 10 minuets before letting go so you can play with Lux more backstage and so they can carry on the concert. Gosh,the tings Harry does for you is unbelievable.

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