If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


19. for Rhianna of Harry

You have been dating to the sweetest guy in the world,Harry Styles for a year. You were exchanging presents with him in your living room that the both of you shared together.

"This one is rather special!" Harry said,winking at you. "Rhianna,will you be my Mrs.Styles?" With his gorgeous emerald eyes,how could you not say yes?!? "OF COURSE!" You screamed across the room. As he was putting the ring on your finger,already knowing what you were going to say. He knew that you loved him and you knew that he loved you too.

After you had a two minute hug with him,a cat came in the room you both were in."What are you gonna name him,Mr.Styles?" You asked him with a huge grin on your face. "I'm gonna name him...Pussy!" He said very slowly,before he dove into your arms to give you the biggest bear hug you have ever had,then afterwards you recieved from his a passionate kiss.

As time pasted by,you had a beautiful baby girl named Darcy. She was born coincedently on yours and your husbands anniversary,Sweetest Day. Which one year later after Darcy was born,you and Harry got married,on a very special day,and that special day was Sweetest Day!

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