If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


35. for Reagan (Morgans friend) of Louis

You were at a hotel with your boyfriend,Louis. You both were hungry bit you both didn't want to cook so you ordered pizza for the night. You both were on the couch,hugging up to each other,watching "Grease".

The pizza finally came,you gave Louis his pizza slices before you went to the bathroom. When you got out,Louis had one of his slices and smeared it all in your face! "Oh,this is war!" You said to hi,laughing. You grabbed a slice of pizza,aimed,then threw it at him,but missed and it hit the wall.

It turns out that you guys didn't even take a bite of the pizza,you two were too busy,trying to throw the pizza at each other but missing and hitting the walls around you guys. You guys forgot to clean it up by the next day and left the cheese and sauce all over the walls by check out time,that's probably why you guys can never go back to that hotel ever again!

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