If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


23. for Oli of Zayn

You were backstage at your husbands concert,Zayn Malik from One Direction. Every once in awhile he would look at you,then smile,then look back to the directioners screaming his name.

"This is our last song for tonight. But I would like to dedicate this song to a very special lady that goes by the name of Oil!" He said to the crowd,but then looked at you. You came out to the stage,looking in his eyes is a dangerous place to look,there just so beautiful that our would get lost into,but you looked into them anyway.

After he sang "Gotta Be You" to you be looked right at our,forgetting everyone in the world you two walk on,except you. "Oil,we've been dating for quit a while,so I want to test our love RIGHT now. Oil,will you be my one and only Mrs.Malik?" He said,on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hand. You couldn't even talk,you were only able to shake your head yes. Tears of joy were racing each other down your face. After you shook your head yes they did an encore of "More Than This" once again dedicating this beautiful song to a beautiful girl,you.

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