If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


32. for Nelika of Louis

You were at your daughters wedding,its amazing how fast time flies,it seems like only yesterday you were getting married to your husband Louis! You couldn't believe that your daughter,Macey made you the maid of honor and the boy she's marrying today made Louis the best man!

You had to make the special speech for the toast. You were planning it all day and night. "I'd like to make a toast to my beautiful daughter and my handsome son-in-law! I wish you guys a very blessed marriage! When me and my husband married each other we got into a few fights,but we made up. So you guys,if you ever get into a fight,just remember that you guys will be there for each other!" You said before everyone shouted "CHEERS!"

You turned to face Louis,the whole wedding took place outside,it was so beautiful out here! When you were both less than 2 inches away from kissing each other,the fireworks went off and made your kiss even more romantic! "Me and Drew both have exciting news to say right now! I'm pregnant!" Your daughter chimed in. Before you could stop yourself,you were crying. You've always wanted to have grandchildren,but with the right guy to be their Grandpa,you found him,his name was Louis.

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