If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


29. for Morgan and Louis

You were going to your Meet-N-Greet,you were a famous author that everyone loves. You've been around the world,but this place,you hope to find someone special. Your'e in London and you heard rumors about One Direction being in town.

"Ms.Morgan,it's time." You heard your tour manager say to you. You walked onto the stage they set up for you,so many people were here just to see you,you couldn't believe it!

After an hour,your hand was about to become numb,but you still wanted to write autographs for your true fans. You had your head up for the next person and you saw that it was a familar face,just couldn't get the name on it. "Hello MOrga,I'm a huge fan! My name is Louis." He said,before looking away. Wait,the One Direction Louis? You wanted to act normal infrount of him so you gave him an autograph and tried to carry on with your life,but you couldn't,knowing that the Louis Tomlinson is a fan of you!

Before he walked away,he gave you a crumbled up paper. You took a minuete break to see what it was. All it said was "Hey,so since you're reading this,how bout you call me? 555-3958" Louis Tomlinson gave you his phone number! You looked around the whole room to try to find him,he was the first person that caught your eye. While you were looking at him and he was looking at you,you called him,he answered.

That was the flashback you had when you first met him while you were walking down the aisle to become his Mrs.Tomlinson. You couldn't believe that it only took one phone call before yours and Louis's relationship status became taken.

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