If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


38. for Maree of Niall (P.S. I love how your name is spelled!) :)

You were home alone done with the flu, everybody was acting like you didn't exist. Nobody came by to see you. "Ugh, you stupid stomach, why did you need to hurt so badly?!" You yelled at your stomach.

While you were watching a biography of Michael Jackson, you heard something or someone trrying to open your front door. The way you have been parnoid from watching scary murder movies this was getting you scared, but you couldn't get off the couch without falling onto your knees in a matter of seconds.

"Hey Maree!" You heard a familar voice say, it sounded like your boyfriend Niall. You put the worried look into a YAY-SOMEONE-IS-FINALLY-HERE-TO-SEE-ME! face. He appered around the corner with tons of stuff in his hands.

"Niall! What's in your hands?" You ask him, looking at the stuff in hand so you can try to identify it. "Flowers for my ladya, movies, and chocolate!" He responded, giving you the bouqet of flowers, putting the movie in, and giving you the box of chocolate.

"Niall, I'm sick." Trying to convince him to leave so he won't catch the flu like you did. He ignored you, he sang a song to you, trying to put you sleep so you can rest, he sang your favorite song, The A-Team by Ed Sheeran.

When you woke up, he wasn't with you, but he put beautiful ballons everywhere, flower pedals scattered around the floor. It was so beautiful ,that it actually made you get rid of the stupid flu you had, Niall was your love drug, he knew it and you knew it, that's probably why you will be with him until death does you both apart!

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