If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


5. for Laura of Harry

You were home alone,well you wouldn't be of your boyfriend,Harry,was on tour around England,but you live in the United States. You felt insecure,and lonely without him around you. Without him you didn't know what to do. So you got out of your bed,went downstairs to sit on your couch. You turned on the TV just to see Harry was on the Breaking News Channel.

"In England,most teenaged girls will go through a hard time tonight. They have to,at last minute, cancel the tour from here on. Due to the member Harry Styles,missing his girlfriend,Laura. Carrie back to." The new reporter said before switching to a different reporter talking about the-wait what? Did the news reporter just say he missed you?!?

You didn't know what to do,you didn't know when he was going to be here. You didn't even know what to say,so you screamed on the top of your lungs and jumped up and down.

You heard the front door open then shut. You knew who was there. You ran as fast as your legs could go. "LAURA!" Harry shouted. You didn't respond with anything before diving into his arms. "Harry,your back. Love you." You whispered into his ear,tears were running down your cheeks,making tear stains all over your shirt.

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