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18. for Kelly of Louis

Your dad just got home from being in the Navy and you feel like the happiest girl in the world. When you see him coming to you at the air port and you start running towards him. He gives you a huge hug and you start to cry.

"I missed you, Daddy." You tell him.

"I missed you to honey. I got you a suprise." He says.

"Why? Your home safe." You tell him. He holds up two tickets to a One Direction consert! Front row!

"Oh my god! Thank you! Thank you! Why did you get these for me?"

"Lets say its for all the Christmas's and birthdays I missed." He says. That night, you and your bestfriend go to the consert, and it seems like Louie keeps looking at you. You smile and blush, then go bach to singing along. At the end, security comes and asks you to stay a little longer. You get a little scared until you see Louis Tomlinson walking towards you.

"Hello, I saw you in the front row, and wanted to get your number. You are beautiful." He says to you. You scribble down your number on a piece of paper and hand it to him.

"Thanks love." He says to you and pecks you on the cheek. The next morning, he calls you and asks you out on a date. You guys really hit it off, and your relationship is growing stronger and stronger every day. 



A/N: Hey-Yo! This is Music<3 or Dani! This is my first chapter that I did! Hope you like it! XOXO Dani<3 (see what I did there?! Dani+Music<3! Hehe)

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