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15. for Kaelin of Niall

You were outside,in the rain,and of course,alone. You didn't have a car yet,so you had to walk two miles to get to your little one bedroom apartment. You couldn't see five steps ahead of you because it was also foggy,but someone in front of you stood out. You knew it was a guy,just by looking at his figure,he walking all by himself like you are.

You jogged up to the guy,just so you and him could be less lonely,well that and because you really like to talk. "hello?" He said to you,kind of confused why your walking in the rain by yourself. "Hi.My name is Kaelin.Yours?" You said with a slight smile on your face. "Hi Kaelin.My name is Niall." He said,after he saw you smile,he smiled. "My Kaelin,that's a beautiful name,but like I say,if the name is beautiful,it must fit with the girl that owns it!" He said. Was he flirting with you?

You both kept walking in the direction of your apartment. "Well,Niall.Are you around from here?"You asked Niall. "Sad to say,no,but I wish you did,Ireland doesn't have beautiful girls like you." He said. You both kept talking about the most random stuff,first you both were talking about cats now you guys are talking about hair products.But now you guys are talking about how over three weeks ago you were getting over a terrible breakup,he knew you were single.

You were finally at your teeny tiny apartment,but in a mood you didn't want. "Well,this is my flat right here.Ya like?" You said to Niall as a joke."Well,Kaelin. I think every girl needs a strong guy by their side." He started to say before you looked into his gorgeous blue eyes,it felt like his eyes were taking you straight to Heaven. "And Kaelin,I wanna be the guy by your side.Will you let me,please?" He said. How could you say no to him,he had a cute Irish accent,blonde hair,he was hot,funny,and he was a gentlemen. "Come in my apartment. At least until the sky stops peeing?" You said, just to sound funny.

He did end up coming inside your cozy apartment. But what you both didn't know was that it was planning to rain all night.And Niall promised you he would stay until the rain stopped.You had only one bed  so you both had to sleep together,even though you guys just met,but that didn't matter,you trusted him and he trusted you.That's all that truly matters.

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