If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


34. for Kacey of Louis

You were in the X-Factor and you had a major crush on one of the judges,Louis Tomlinson, he was the reason why it was so hard to focus on the music while singing right in front of him! But you two couldn't tell anyone you both were dating each other.

At the end of the song you performed,the judges had to comment about you. Louis had his big mouth say "Well everyone, I need to tell thou all a surprise! Me and Kacey have been dating for jus at over a year! She is wonderful! So much,that I have a question for her!" He said before he jumped on the stage. "Kacey,will you please be Mrs.Tomlinson?" He asked thou. You heard everyone in the audience even the other judges cry out an "AW!"

For your wedding,you guys had it at a very special place,the place where you and Louis first played eyes on each other. It X-Factor stage! This place meant the world to you! This was the place you found the love of your young life. Although you were disqualified for dating then getting married to one of the judges,you didn't care, you had your handsome husband with you everyday! After they disqualified you,Louis quit his job as the special guest judge to be with every second!

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