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17. for Jennacy of Niall

You were on Twitter,almost constantly,simply because One Direction were having a contest that was held on Twitter the whole time. One week after the contest ended,you got a letter in the mail from One Direction management stating that you won the contest! If you won first place,which you did you would get to meet the boys in person and they will put on a private concert just for you and only you!

You were in these nice shorts, flip flops, and a simple pink tank top.You weren't wearing anything that special at all. You were at their house that they all shared together. You honestly couldn't be any more happier than this right now.

"Alright.Jennacy,this is for you." Niall said in his cute Irish accent.You knew what they were playing almost right away.They were playing the most emotional song ever,Little Things. You realized that Niall was staring right at you through the whole song.It was Niall's solo and his solo is where you cry at.

He knew you needed help.He intrupted the song. "Jennacy,look I can't take it anymore.Will you please be my one and only princess?" He said,looking right at you.That,what he just said made you cheer up right away. You of course said yes. And ever since the beginng of your relationship with him,even now,you never cried anymore cause he made you feel special.

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