If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


14. for Jade of Zayn

You went to your husband,Zayn`s concert,he's in a band called One Direction. You were backstage the whole time,but you enjoyed every minutes of it. He was singing "Little Things" And not only dedicated it to you,but also brought you on stage! What a sweetheart! But after the concert,you had a surprise to tell him.

On their last song "One Thing" He brought you out to dance with him in front of hundreds of screaming girls fro every direction. But the song was now over,sad to say,you wanted to stay their in his arms forever and more.

Tpu were walking to the tour bus with him,yay,another day in this crammed bus with 5 boys,2 other girls,bus driver,security guards. But you had something rather urgent to tell Zayn,it will be the highlight of his day.

"Zayn. What would you do--?" You just couldn't say it. So you ended up saying "Zayn. What would you do---- for a Klondike Bar?" But that's not what you wanted to all. "Um,I don't know. Why?" He said after laughing. "Zayn. That's not what I tended to say at all. What I meant was,what if the boys will be an uncle someday?" You said to him,he was clueless and gave you a confused look. "Zayn,your gonna be a Dad,and the boys will be uncles!" You said cheerfully. He couldn't say anything. He was just too happy.

When you told the boys,they were all happy. Eleanor and Perrie were flipping out,just knowing they will be Aunts in 9 months have them goosebumps. You ended up having a girl named Thelma Jane Malik. You couldn't like her full name any more. After she was 3 years old you became pregnant again, but with a boy,you both decided you liked the name Ed Jawaad Malik.

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