If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


39. for Genea of Louis

You were at Chuck E. Cheese with yuor neice, Gwen. She was 3 years old, having the time of her life. Even though you hated it, you were just happy to see she's having a good time.

"Gwen?!" You shouted across the place. You lost her, you don't know how, but you did. "Aye, I think, I have her?" This cute boy said. "Name is Louis!" He said shaking your hand, his hand is warm, making your hand hot.

You followed him to get Gwen. You grabbed her and was about to walk away. He then grabbed oyu r hand, put a napkin in your hand. He walked away, leaving you alone. You unfolded the napkin, to see his name, address, phone number, and he put he wants to meet you at Tokens-For-Fun, it's a arcade.

That day, turned into him being your boyfriend, then over time into a husband, then eventually having your very own family! You had a beautiful baby girl with him, Anne. Anne Tomlinson. Perfect!

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