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11. for Gabriella of Niall

You won One Direction over a phone call to a radio station,even now,from 5 months ago,your'e still talking about it in school. And today was the day you saw the boys from a front row seat view.

It was hard to find your seat,with all the screaming girls already in there even though they just let you in a minuete ago.But you were able to find it,with the help from Paul,their security guard.

After "Gotta Be You" You realized that Niall was staring at you,and only you,you did the same of course. Now they were about to do "One Thing" Before Niall interupted the music and pulled you up one stage!

"This girl is so beautiful! Is she not?!? I'd like to dedicate this song to_____." He said,waiting for you to respond with your name. "Gabriella." You said to him,looking deep into his beautiful blue eyes. "To Gabriella!" He shouted with joy.

When they ended the song,Niall grabbed your hand for a hug."Gabriella,such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!" He whispered in your ear,it tickled a bit,but you enjoyed every second of it. "Come?" He asked you before he handed you a backstage pass!

At the end of the concert you went to see him,but he was in a rush to get to their bus."Call me?" He said to you,with a grin you have never seen before,it was almost as big as the smile the cat gave in 'Alice in Wonderland'

After you called him and went to your first dinner together,he asked you out. You couldn't believe that just because you called the radio station you would be dating Niall,have his phone number,be good friends with the boys and their girlfriends,Perrie and El. You were so thankfull to the radio station,so much in fact,you and Niall and the rest of the band and their girlfriends did interviews live on the radio!

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