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16. for Emilie of Liam

You just got done having a Toy-Story Marathon with your boyfriend Liam. At the end of the credits he was asleep on your shoulders. You loved him so much,that the word love couldn't even describe it. "Liam,sweetie.The movie is done."You said to Liam as you were moving his head left to right until he woke up. "Come up stairs,Liam.I have a surprise for you." You told him.

He was finally upstairs in the bedroom you both shared. "What hon?" He asked you. Before you could answer his question,he looked down on the ground to see you got him turtles! "OH MY GOSH!EMILIE YOU TRULY ARE THE BEST!" He yelled before he took you by the hips and swung you in the air. "I named them Woody and Buzz." You told him. "Well,Emilie.I have a surprise for you too.Come down in the basement,please?" He said back.

You were taking by the hand from Liam,leading you down to the basement. When you saw what was down stairs,you couldn't believe it! There was rose petals everywhere and candles that were lighten. "Liam!This is just-"You weren't even able to finish your sentence before he took you around the corner.And around the corner he told you to read this huge poster,covering the whole wall out loud. "Emilie,will you love me to infinity and beyond and become Mrs.Payne?" You read out loud like he wanted. After you turned to face Liam,he was on one knee before you. "OH MY GOSH.LIAM.OF COURSE!" You said,you felt tears coming to your eyes soon.

When you both got married,it was amazing. Perrie and El were the bridesmaids. Louis,Harry,Zayn,and Niall were the groom's best man. And the best part was,was that you and Liam got married where you both met each other.It was the one and only.You got married at the beautiful place called Disney World!

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