If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


25. for Darna of Zayn

Your boyfriend,Zayn,was at the VMAs,you didn't go though,your stomach was hurting so much. You didn't watch the VMAs at your home,Zayn wanted to tell you before you found out.

You were lonely simply because your bestfriends El and Danielle went to the VMAs without you and went with their boyfriends,which they were in the same band as your boyfriend,One Direction. You felt stranded on a desert without anyone or anything. You didn't know what to do without people around you,that was one thing you absoultey hated!

After an hour later,you heard him coming through the door. "ZAYN!" You yelled,towards the front door you were running. "WE WON!" He greeted you,with a huge grin that appeared upon his gorgeous face. "I knew it!" You exclaimed back to him.

After you hugged up to him,Harry,Niall,Louis,Liam,Danielle,and El came walking through the door in a single file line. They were all admiring your beautiful house that you and Zayn shared together.

You guys ended up getting Nandos for the night,just as a midnight snack. You guys actually ordered so much (Cause of Niall) that they ran out of chicken to serve to the other customers!

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