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9. for Danielle of Harry

You were at the hospital with your mum,who has cancer. You were shaking in fear,as you knew this might be the last time to say "I love you." To her. You kept talking to her,hugging her,laughing at jokes she was saying. You kept doing this until a knock was at your door for you to answer.

"Hi." You said opening the door,without looking up to the person. "H-hello,are you Danielle?" You heard a husky voice say,but that choice sounded very familiar. It sounded like Harry Styles. So you decided to look up to the guy. "Yes. This is." You say,trying to hold back your emotions because it was Harry Styles!

"Well,you know how on Twitter you entered the contest for the private concert show?" He said,looking right into your eyes,nothing else but you. "Yes, I do remember." You say back to him. "Well Danielle,you won!" He said,jumping up and down with you.

All of the boys were behind him,waiting to come in. You moved out of the doorway. "Thanks,love." Harry said before walking away from you and winking at you. All of the other boys just said hi and smiles at you.

They put on a amaZayn concert. Louis and Niall ripped off Harry's shirt to reveal his nice abs. But the only thing that sucked was they had to leave now. "Bye!" Louis said to you before hugging you. "Where's the cafe here god dammit?" Niall said. "Cheerio!" Liam said to you,before shaking your hand. "Good day." Zayn said. Then it was only Harry left. "Good bye,beautiful." He said to you before giving you a huge bear hug. His hands,were on your butt,you could feel his warm hands.

They all were eventually out of your sight. But you felt something in your back pocket. You picked it up to find Harry's number on a crumbled piece of paper! 

You guys had dinner together the next day. Then after an week you both loved each other,the both of you knew it,so you dated,until you both tied the knot and became one. And your mum survived cancer! You couldn't wish for a better life than this!



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