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13. for Daniella of Harry

You went with your boyfriend, Harry,to see his parents in Cheshire,but the thing was is that you had to fly there. You hated heights. When you were finally on the land that belonged to Cheshire,you were so relieved,couldn't be any happier than this.

There was a 30 minutes drive to his mums house,you both just took a cab,his mum knew he was coming,but not you. "Harry? What if she doesn't like me? I really want your mum to like me!" You said,you knew how much Harry's family meant to him. "Daniella,just relax. She'll like you, I know it!" He said,trying to cheer you up but failed.

You were at her door,still scared. "Hi Harry!" She said as she opened the door before giving him a huge hug. "Don't forget Daniella,mum!" He said,introducing her to you,and you to her."Pleasure to meet you,Daniella. My,Harry,you said she was beautiful,but I didn't know this beautiful!" She said,making you feel better. "The pleasure is all mine.And thank you very much!" You said back,finally pulling your muscles together to make a smile.

It turned out to be great! You and his mum talked nonstop, every time Harry tried to join in the conversation, you or his mum would talk louder than him,which wasn't hard at all. He just wanted you and his family to get along,which clearly,you guys do. When you both had to leave,you,Harry,and his mum were all sad that you guys had to go back to United States to introduce your parents to Harry. OH BOY!

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