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36. for Dana of Niall

You worked at a bank and all you did was accept rude gestures from people after the terrible hurricane hit you guys."Yes,but Ma'am,since the hurricane hit-" You were saying to a customer before looking to see who was coming through the door. He was really gorgeous,he had fluffy blonde,but with some brown hair,beautiful sea blue eyes.

He sat down right next to you.The old hag left,who cares? "Hi!" You exclaimed to him. "Hello,my name is Niall." He said in a strong but cute Irish accent. "Well my name is Dana,nice to meet you Niall." You said,shaking his warm hand. He just stared at you,not saying a word. "Well,uh,Dana. Are you a Mrs. or a Ms.?" He asked you. The last time you were in a relationship was 3 months ago. "I'm single." You answered back,giving him a signal to flirt with you.

All you two did was talk about his policy here. Just the boring talk you have with customers. Then at the end is where it started to get juicy. "Well,it was nice talking to you Dana." "Oh,you too!" You responded. While he was slipping his coat back on,he threw a business card on your desk. "That's my personal number on the bottom,the top is my work number." He just smiled then waved goodbye.

Well,in the end. You went to a bar with your friend. You two were sitting at the booth. And of course,Niall sat right next to you. You both had a couple of beers,but drinking responsibly. You don't remember what exactly went on in details. But the next day you woke up at his house. Nothing was going between you two though. He dropped you off at your house since you left your car in the bar parking lot. Before you got out of the car,he turned your head and said "Your beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you something different." He said,smiling at you. You couldn't take it anymore,you smacked your lips onto his,you could tell he enjoyed it because through the kiss,you could tell he was smiling.

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