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42. for Dana of Liam

The two lines, that's all you could think of, the two lines that would change yours and Liams, your boyfriend life. You were pregnant, you would tell Liam right away, its just that, he's in Tokyo with the boys on tour for One Direction and there is no phone connection out there, sadly.

Thankfully, this was the day that Liam was coming back home for you! You were eating popcorn while watching your favorite movie 'Whats's Eating Gilbert Grape' "W-why did Learndo DiCapro have to be Arnie?!" You yelled, weeping your eyes out. You were only 3 months pregnant and the symptoms were already going to you.

"Hun? I'm here!" You heard the familiar British accent by the front door. You ran to the front door, hitting your toe on the table leg, not feeling any pain, just happy to have him back.

"Sweetie! Hey, well I need to tell you a very important thing!" You said, kissing his perfect jawline. He had his eyes on yours. "I'm pregnant with your child! You are officially Daddy Direction!" You exclaimed. You also told him you will found out if its a boy or girl.

You went to the doctors, your little Taylor spread her legs apart almost immediately after they put the gel and telescope on your stomach! Its a girl! Her name is Taylor!

Once you came back, Liam, the boy he is, just had to do a TwitCam featuring you. "Hello, guess what? I'm with the best girl in the whole freaking world, Dana! And I'm a daddy now!" He said, while petting your big stomach.

Once you thought he was done with the TwitCam he looked right into the camera and said "Hey Directioners, watch this!" He exclaimed, getting on one knee! "Dana, you are so beautiful, please, will you be Mrs. Dana Payne, for me?" You had tears in the corner of your eye. "O-of course, Mr. Payne!" And that's how he ended the video for that night!

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