If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


31. for Dana of Harry

You worked in a bakery in a small town called Holmes Chapel. But you enjoed working there,there was a boy that goes by the name of Harry. He just started working here a week ago and your his only friend. But he is insanly cute! And the on e problem is you and Harry share the same schedule and no one else works with you,except Harry.

"Hey,um,can you pass me the oven mitt,please?" He asked you in his low,husky voice. Every time he talked,you blushed. You passed him the mitt. After that load of bread was done in the oven you and Harry had free time. "Hey,um,how bout I help you?" He said to you,before you were about to comment back,he grabbed the whole bag of flour and dropped on the top of your head. "Oh,it's payback!" You said to him,with the carton of eggs in your hand.

Before you both knew it,the kitchen was a disater! Oh well,you both had your fun,now it was time to end it. While you were cleaning up the broken eggs on the ground,Harry was getting the eggs out of his hair. "THAT WAS SO,FUN!" He shouted. All you did was smile,but you also really did love it too.

Once you both were done,Harry was walking towards you,getting closer and closer to you by each step he took. By the time he was face-to-face with you really wanted to kiss him. And that';s exactly what he did to you! He grabbed your waist and pulled it close to his body before he put a peak on your lips and asked you out! You of course said yes,only someone crazy would have said no!

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