If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


4. for Claudia of Harry

It was your anniversary of your boyfriend,Harry Styles and your's second year being together.

"This one is very special." Harrys said,winking at you. he started to play your favorite song,Little Things. You were in tears,tears were running down your cheeks and in the cornere of your eye. After that he said he wasn't done yet. You saw he was getting on one knee. "Claudia,will you please be Mrs.Styles for me?" He asked you,you of course said yes.

It was you rtime to give him a present,you both heard something coming from the kitchen,you both walked in,you knew what was there but Harry didn't. "OH MY GOSH YOU GOT ME A CAT!" he yelled out loudly. You both took care of that cat like it was a kid until you both actually had a real kid yourself!

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