If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


7. for Chloe of Harry

You just got on the airplane to England,where your grandmother lives. She's very sick,this maybe your last time seeing her. You were going straight to the only seat available on the plane,you got on just 2 minutes later and it was jammed pack and you are very claustrophobic. "Hi my name is Chloe." You said to the boy sitting next to,his face turned around to see who said it.

You couldn't believe it! Its Harry Styles! "Hello love,Harry." He said,smiling at you. You were up in the air,high as the clouds. You were always scared of heights. "Chloe,are you okay? Here. Have some." He said to you,giving you a bag of chips. You took it from him like there was no tomorrow eating it.

"We are now in the lands of England! Please stay seated,we are trying to land." The pilot said. You we're disappointed, I mean how many other times will you sit by Harry Styles on a plane. "Here,Chloe. I know your not from around here. Maybe I can give you a tour?" Harry said before he winked at you and slipped a piece paper in your hands.

He ended up giving you the best tour ever. Then eventually he couldn't hide his emotions for you,so much,he asked you out. You of course said yes and had 2 kids together, 1 boy named Larry and a girl named Darcy.





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