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30. for Carolina of Louis

You were on a boat with your bestfriend,Louis. But what he didn't know was that you wanted to be more than  bestfriends,you wanted to be the one that he can say he's taken.

"Well,do you think I should ask out Ashlee?" He asked you. Ugh,not Ashlee,she cheats,and she takes all of the boys money then dumps them the next day. "NO! Not Ashlee!" You said back to him almost right away. He knew you didn't like her,you never had and you never will.

As you were trying to get a picture of Louis and Ashlee holding hands sown the halls of the school you guys go to,a huge thunderstorm bursted in the sky. You panicked,so you were moving around,making the boat rock back and forth."Carolina,please,don't panic! We got this!" That,for some reason made you panic even more,so you were moving around even faster,making the boat rock back and forth harder and harder until the boat tipped you over into the dirty lake water.

You were trying to get back up towars the boat but a piece of seaweed was wrapped around your ankle. You felt someone grab your hand and going towards the fresh air that lyes on top of you.

"CAROLINA! PLEASE,WAKE UP!" You heard Louis say. You were blinking your eyes so fast because you couldn't believe that Louis risked his own life to save you. You were trying not to kiss him,with his wet hair,it made him look even more cute. Before the awkward silence was about to start,you feel Louis's wet body getting heavier on your body before he leaned in and gave you a powerful kiss. After that moment you both knew you guys were right for eachother. Now the wish you wanted,about him saying he's taken by you,finally came true!

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