If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


2. for Bliss of Harry P.S. Bliss is one of my favorite names :)

You went with your boyfriend,Harry,to the beauty parlor,he had to get his hair done.And of course,by the girls that shove their boobs on your face.

As you guys were there,you were getting bored even more by each minutes passing by. You just felt like hitting the girls that were fixing his hair,they looked like they were shoving their huge boobs in his face!

You were getting angry,you couldn't take it anymore so you were about to storm out, you grabbed your purse and one of their magazines ,not caring if they noticed you take it or not.

Harry saw you and told you to wait. "Harry,I can't anymore." You said but sat back down. He knew you were bored so he started making funny face,making you laugh a lot.

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