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24. For Audrey of Liam

I was just finishing a beautiful day with my best friend Liam. Yeah THE Liam Payne. He was the bestfriend anyone could have. He was kind, generous and really caring. I really liked him in secret but this was my last day with him. Right now we we're playing hide-and-seek. I had to find him. I searched all the house and he wasn't there. I becomed worrired and started to panic. Well i was asthmatic and didn't had my pump with me so i started to choke. I started yo see some black and before passing out, I saw my reason to live : Liam.

-2 Months later-

As i was waking up, you saw someone familliar. You just can't put your finger on it.

"AUDREY! YOU ARE AWAKE !! DOCTOR PLEASE A DOCTOR IN THIS ROOM" he screamed. What the heck ?! Why is he screaming. Well , who am i ?! (you talked to yourself)

"Hum, mai i help you sir ?!" i asked
"Sir ? Why are you calling me sir Audrey, it's me your best friend Liam" He sais and started to panic.
"I'm sorry but i don't remember you" i say in a sorry voice.

The doctor walked in and checked me up but Liam kept asking the doctor questions of why i didn't remember him. I could tell he was really worried.

"Mother of god" The doctor said.
"What is rong sir ?" i asked him.
"Well i'm so sorry but you devlopped a new type of disease that we can't figure out yet. My respects maa'm" He responded.

I was in shock and i think Liam was more shocked than me.
"Wha-what? This can't happen to my love. I need her to make me happy. I-i-i can't live without her." Liam said in tears
"So sorry." These we're the last word of the doctor.

-3 years later-

He was at your funerals. Your reason to live was at your funerals with his 4 mates. The all had tears streaming down theirs faces. It started and your mother was screaming thought the microphone that it was Liam's fault thai i had died. Well it wasn't him. It was because i was asthmatic. After the funerals, They all went to Liam's appartement and watched Toy Story. When the boys left, Liam felt so guilty for you to die and missed you so much. Then he wrote a note to eveyone in his family and even your mother.

the note:

Well this is the last thing you'll ever have of me. I miss her to much and feel to guilty to just let her go like this. Mom, i know that you are never gonna forgive me for what i've done but always remember something : i love you. Dad, well you are never going to have grand-kids beacuse the women i wanted is gone and i'm going with her if she goes. I would do anything to be with her even if it means not being in this world anymore. I love her so much and i can't even describe it because my love is to big to show it. Mrs.James, (my mother) i'm so sorry for what i've done to your daughter and i feel so guilty about it that i'm going with her. Boys, i'm leaving the band and it's not beacuse of you, it's because of me. DO NOT BREAK THE BAND BEACUSE OF ME!!! And remember one thing : I love you all but the women of my dreams is in heaven and i'm going with her. And if this note passes in the journal , remember Directioners, don't do what i did.

xoxo, Liam.

These we're the last words he sais before going to heaven : I love you, Audrey.

(A/N) : heey this is my first imagines so if you want me to do yours well just tell me :) xo


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