If you want one comment your name and the boy you want it with :) xx


26. for Ana of Louis

You owned your very own water park hotel called "Slip-N-Slide" It was always packed,no matter what day it was. But especially days when it was rumored a celebrity was here. But this rumor just so happens to be true. One Direction was in your very own hotel!

On the Wednesday that you worked as a lifeguard,the boys went to swim. You couldn't keep your eyes off of them. You finally did for a second before you heard one of them yell "LIFEGUARD!" You turned your head across the room to see them. All you could see was Louis,his body was sinking to the bottom of the chlorine pool.

You dove in after to get him. Since you couldn't see under the water you just had to feel for his body. You grabbed hold tightly,swimming back up to get that good,fresh air again.

He awoke before you even gave him CPR. He blinked a couple of times to get use to the bright light. "H-how can I give you a thank you?" He asked you. "No thanks. Just,take it easy. Okay?" You said to him. Before you were trying to walk off,he grabbed your arm and pulled you into a tight hug.

He really loved you,so much that he wanted to know you before he had to leave. He was your friend now for just over 3 months before he finally asked you out. The next day,you went on your first date as a couple. What was even better was you didn't get any hate,simply because every one loved you,even the boys,El,Perrie,Directioners. Your were definitely living the good life.

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