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3. for Alex of Niall

You went home to find oyu rboyfriend,Niall,eating a huge tub of icecream while watching TV. You knew something was wrong. "What's wrong,Nial?" You said while you were rubbing his back in a up and down motion. "Well,do you rember my pet chick,Fluffy?" He asked you. He had a pet chick that he had that you got him for Valentine's Day. You responded with a yes,you do rember Fluffy. "Well,these stupid people took her away from me!" he said,he wa sobbing on your shoulder. "Why?" You asked him. He didn't respond until like 2 minuets later."I tried to feed Fluffy chicken." He said,sniffing.

"Niall,that's cannablism. Fluffy is a chicken,and your'e trying to feed her chicken,you can't do that,sweetie." You said,trying to make him feel better,you started to make dinner for him. Since you knew how much he  liked spagehtti,you made spagehtti.

At the dinner table,you knew Niall has always wanted to share spagehtti with a girl on a dream date,but you didn't care if you were at a date right now or not,you were going to share the spagehtti in a posh bowl and eat it messily like he always wanted to.

After dinner you guys went to bed,watching Finding Nemo,the both of you cried,for some odd reason it reminded you both of Fluffy. you both fell asleep in each others arms. He was giving you a Horan Hug and you were giving him a Alex Hug.

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