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41. for Aisha of Niall

You were in the hot tub with your hubby, Niall Horan. 

"Niall! This feels great!" You said, laying your head back against the wall. The whole night Niall was being extremely dirty saying stuff such as "Lick the top of it,now!" When he said that, he was talking about the ice cream he had in his hand.

"Aisha,sweet cheek, let's go to the suite." He said, picking up the towel while shivering like crazy. You ran up the stairs, that's all you could remember before you slipped and hit your head hard on the rail for the stairs.

10 minutes later all you heard was "Aisha, babe, please, please wake up!" You knew it was Niall by the thick Irish accent. You just couldn't see him, your eye sight was still a big blur. You blinked your eyes a couple of times before you could see his beautiful blue eyes and his gorgeous smile.

The rest of the night you were too afraid to go back to the pool or hot tub, and the headache you had was too huge to do anything else for the rest of the night, so, to get your head off the pain you had to lie down in bed. To make the sleeping better, Niall was cuddling up with you, his bare chest, no shirt, was making you feel better almost instantly.

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