If today was your last day.

Kenzie and Liam are just two young kids in love, but what happens when Kenzie's past comes back to haunt her? Will Liam be there to help?


10. Rescue.

Liams POV.

We were sitting around our tv, everyone concentrated on the game. I couldn't concentrate on the game, a billion thoughts were running throughout my head. Suddenly, my phone rang. I freaked out and pushed send before I even saw the number. That was huge mistake, so I though. What if a fan finally got my number and gave it away? Once I answered, I knew it was stupid. I said hello anyway and walked out of the room. Thank God I did. "Hello? Liam?" I heard the voice on the line ask. I already felt the tears burning in my eyes. "Kenzie!?" I almost screamed into the phone. "Kenzie?" I heard a sniff into the other side. "Liam, listen. I was kidnapped by my father. I don't have much time to explain." she explained. I felt the tears drip and let them. "Kenzie, where are you?" I practically screamed. I forced myself to calm down, for not only Kenzie's sake, but my own. " I don't know. I think somewhere in Florida, but you can't trust a liar so I'm not sure." she said, whispering. "Kenzie, I promise you, I will get you. No madder the trouble." I whisper back. "What ever you do, stay off planes and stay away from all danger. And Liam. Remember... I love you." suddenly, I heard screams, they began to sound more distance within a few seconds. At first, I was shocked. Then, the only thing I could is scream her name. Repentantly. Loud. And I heard her scream my name, until it was only a muffle. I dropped the phone and shock, and the boys poured into my room, asking what was wrong and if everything was okay. The only thing I could do, except for cry, was drop to my knees and put my head in my hands. I couldn't move. The boys gathered around me, putting hands on my back and ask me loads of questions. I didn't answer, which made me feel bad because they were only helping and caring for me, but I couldn't answer. I could just cry and wimpier.

Harry POV.
He lost. Just when he stopped worrying about her, just when he started to be regular old Liam, it happened. Me and Josh wrapped our arms around his back and sat next to him silently. He sobbed, and we all either stared at the ground or looked at eachother. Finally, he stopped. He stood up, with red puffy eyes, and announced, "Kenzie is in danger. We have to help her." Everybody looked at each-other, not knowing to reply. We all stood up, too. "What?" I asked. He sighed and said " I need to save her, and I need your help. He father captured her, and she is probably getting attacked right now. We have to track the phone she was calling from and find a ride other to fly in besides a plane and-" Niall cut him off, "Slow down. And start from the beginning." He went on explaining the call, and all of us sat in shock, not even knowing how to comfort him. "Let's go then. We can save her." Zayn announced. "Guys, I want to rescue Kenzie too, but we have a concert in less than a week. We can't cancel, everybody would be worried. What are we going to do?" Louis asked. We were stumped. "We can do it in less than a week, and if we can't, we can cancel the show. I'm willing to do anything to get her back." Liam replied. We got started, tracked the phone and found it in a small factory in the woods in Florida. We decided not to bring any clothes because they would just make it harder. The next thing we had to do was go to Paul. "No." He said before Liam even finished. "No. Not under my control." Liam sighed, but didn't give up. "Paul, this girl that means more than anything to me could be dying at this very moment. What if this was your wife? Wouldn't you do that for her?" Paul sighed. "How long is this going to take and will I need to go with you?" he asked. "I'm not sure how long, and the only part we will need your help for is getting onto the helicopter, from there, we will be in the helicopter or open woods. We just need approval." Liam explained. We got silent and waited for the reply. "Fine." Paul sighed. We all smiled and Liam flattened out the other details to him. Paul called and arranged a helicopter for the next day. The band could go, because they had a lot of rehearsal to make up, so it was going to be me, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. That night, We sat on the couch and wrote down our plan. The tv was on, but the only one watching was Niall, but he's not much of a planner. Finally,after a long night, me and Zayn went to bed, leaving Liam and Louis to plan the small details.

Kenzie's POV.
"I love you." was the last thing I said to him. Two soldiers grabbed my arms and covered my mouth. The hardest part, of all though, was hearing him scream my name. I could do anything about it, and neither could he. The men pulled me into a big room and tied me with old fashioned ropes to a chair. I felt my self loosing conciseness, but I didn't let it take me over. The men finished tying me up and stood. "Why are you doing this?" I asked, feeling the waterworks coming. "I lost my daughter. I know how it feels to want back your little baby, but can't have her. I'm helping our my brother from jail. Maybe in return he will help me get my little baby Bree back." the man explained. Bree. This was her father. "Kidnapping is not the way to win over your daughter." I tried to explain. "Yeah, and how do you know?" he asked. "Because 1st of all, I'm experiencing it right now, and 2nd, I know because... She told me." His facial expression showed he was puzzled. "You know my Bree?" he asked quietly. I nodded. "I met her back in London. She was at the beach with her foster family. She told me all about you." I explained back. He looked down at the ground and pain flooded him. I'm actually glad he was hurt, because he deserved him. I wish my father would feel his pain too. "Does she...miss me?" he asked not looking up. "It's kind of hard to miss someone you can't trust or forgive. Trust me, I know the feeling." I said sarcastically. He sighed, but straightened up when my father walked in. His face was fire red, and his hands were behind his back. He was mumbling and pacing in front of me. "Dismissed!" he screamed, making me jump. It reminded me, I'm not fighting just anybody, I'm fighting a criminal. The men walked out, Bree's dads head was still down. "Kenzie, your making this harder on yourself." he started, voice full of rage, but he was calm. "I don't care about myself. I care about the people I love, the ones you are trying to kill." I replied cockily. He fake-chuckled and shook his head. "Why do you care about him more than yourself?" he asked, actually surprised. That made me fake-chuckle. "I know you don't know the feeling, but it's called selfless. It's called compassion. It's called..." I stop to think of the real reason. I sigh and drop my head. "It's called love." He genially was shocked. "Well, where's your love now? Your here with your grateful father and he's with his friends not caring about you at all." he said. I felt the tears coming again. What if he was right? What if I was just a bother to Liam? He must have saw I was thinking, because he turned of the light and said night. In the dark, I noticed a window revealing a crack of light. The curtains were closed, but a star creeped through. I looked at the star for an answer, but I couldnt come to conclusions. In the middle of my though, I drifted into a sleep.
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