If today was your last day.

Kenzie and Liam are just two young kids in love, but what happens when Kenzie's past comes back to haunt her? Will Liam be there to help?


4. Parents house.

Kenzie POV.

We got back into the car, soaked. I couldn't stop smiling and started laughing. He started to laugh, too, making us look like two insane teenagers. Finally, we started to relax, and breathe again. "Alright, it's 12:00 and we have one more place to go before I leave. My family's get together." he said, reversing out of the parking spot. I nodded and we set off for his parents house. After a long chat and a short nap by me, we arrived at his parents and i first thing i noticed were all of the cars. I grabbed his hand and he saw my expression. "Don't be nervous,love. You have met some of them before." he reassured. "No, I have met your sisters, some friends, and parents before. This is has to be more than a thousand people. " I argued and gulped. "That probably all I know too..." he whispered," So we will meet them together. I can introduce you to some outside family and friends, it will be fine." For some reason, he has always been quiet around people, unless I was right next to him, then he felt the need to take away my fear.
We got out of the car and walked through the rows of cars to the house. When we got in the house, I imminently regretted it. I'm not afraid of tight spaces or a lot of people, but both of them put together us quite frightening. I gripped his hand a little harder and he pulled me along, "excuse me's" were flying out of our mouths and some dirty words out of some of the others mouths. We finally made it to his mother and father, who were sitting on a couch talking to Andy, Liam's best friend. I felt relieved to see another familiar face. I hugged Andy and his parents and sat next to his mother. We talked for a while, when some girls walked over and started talking to Liam. It was fine with me, until one of the girls started kissing on his cheek. He said nothing, and simply just sat down next to me and put his arm around my shoulder. The girls had a disgusted look on their faces and snickered. " Ew. That's your girlfriend? What kind of makeup did you use, the dirt?" the blonde one smirked. Liam just gently pushed my head on his shoulder and replied "I don't know why your here in the first place, Dee, but you can leave now." Dee flashed a dirty look at me, so I smiled back and winked. They huffed and walked away. Liams mom grabbed my hand and asked " Are you okay Kenzie? I'm sorry, I thought they were some of Liams old friends." I felt bad. I tore Liam and some of his friends apart. "They were never my friends. They were some kids from schools. I used to like them, before they were the bullies of the school. The next year, Dee was known as the mean popular girl. That was that. Now they are just kids I used to know. Dee and the girls." Liam explained. It hurts to see him have people change on him. The fact that they never talked, and now they want him for his popularity and money. It seems ridiculous. We went to go to see some of his other family members and friends and noticed the time. It was 2:30. My throat hardened and I gulped, hold back the tears. He saw my face and grabbed my hand. He said goodbye to his parent, sisters, friends, and other relatives and we walked back to the car. When we got back into the car, we sat there in silence. I was fine for the first few minutes, then I lost it. It usually takes a lot to get me to cry, but the fact that the one of the only people left in my life was leaving was hard on me. I cried for about 5 minutes, when I was done, I looked up at Liam, who eyes were red and his head was in his hands. I put my arm around him and kissed his neck. "Come on babe, you don't want to miss your flight." I reminded and wiped my eyes. He sniffed a few times and kissed me. Then, we set off, hands held and red eyes. It was the shortest car ride I have ever rode in.
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