If today was your last day.

Kenzie and Liam are just two young kids in love, but what happens when Kenzie's past comes back to haunt her? Will Liam be there to help?


3. One more day.

Kenzie's POV.

I turned to face Liam and leaned on the dresser. "what time are you... Leaving?" I asked, and the happiness drained from his eyes. I hate how I do this to him, I know it hurts him, but my hurt always pushed towards him, even though it's not his fault. I relax myself and listen to him answer. " we have to meet at the airport by 5:30. We leave at 6." we only have 8 more hours. I have 8 hours left before I don't get to see the person who means the most to me for 3 months. 8 hours. I sigh and turn back around and put my head on my forehead, trying to stop the pain. Liam walks up behind me and raps his arms around my waist. "I'm sorry sweetheart. I don't want to do this, but I have to." he says with sadness rapped in his voice. " I know Liam, but I..." I started, but he cut me off with his lips. I hated when he did this, it was just a nicer way to tell me to shut up, but not this time. This was our first real kiss in days. I miss our kisses, and it feels so good to kiss him again, I don't wanna stop. When we finally pull apart, I look up at him and smile. He knows how to turn a day from bad to good. "So how's the beach sound today?" he asks. I love the beach, but I don't know why he want to go there today. It was dark and kind of cloudy, but no rain yet, so I agreed to it. "Then tonight, my family wants us over for dinner." he yells to me in the bathroom. "Thats great." I yell back. I slip on my baby blue two piece pooka dotted swimsuit and put a tank top and tan shorts on over it. I walked out if the bathroom to see Liam in his swim trunks and a teeshirt. "Ready?" he asked with a smile. "Lets do it." I responded. He walked over and grabbed my hand. We went downstairs to the front door. Liam sat his hand on the knob, but didn't twist it open. He looked up with worry in his eyes. "Stay in front of me, in-between the guards." he reminds. He does this every time we leave the house, but I dint mind, he's just protective and caring. And thats what I fell in love with him for. I nodded to show I understood, then he slowly opened the door. Instantly, I heard loud screams and hollering. I was kinda shocked when I saw a sigh that said "we love you Kenzie!" on it. I did as I was told and we were escorted to the car. When we arrived, he got into the drivers seat and I got in next to him. The fan and security all waved goodbye as we drove away. I couldn't help but to smile and wave back. Our ears were out from all the screaming, so we didn't talk the way there. We pulled up to a pretty decent sized beach and climbed out. The beach was completely empty but for a family of 5. there was three kids, one girl and two boys, in the water playing water football while the mother and father sat on the shire together. We grabbed our things and went down to the beach. When we got down there, the little girl got out and was shivering and her lips a bruised purple. That really made me want to stay away from the water, but Liam got in. As soon as he got in, the two boys saw him and asked if they would pass with them. Of corse, Liam agreed and started to pass the ball in a triangle formation. I watched them for about 30 minutes, then I suddenly felt uncomfortable. Like somebody was staring, I turned my head and the little girl was standing there, Apparently trying to give me a heart attack. "Hello!" she said with a cute little smile. "Hi!" I replied. "What's your name?" she asked " I'm Kenzie. What's your name?" " I'm Bree, will you build a sand castle with me!?" she asked, making me smile even bigger. I said sure and got down to help her. " So Bree, tell me about your self." I said, thinking of what to say to a 7 year old. I don't know why, but the first thing she said was " I'm adopted." She said it with pride, like it was nothing, saying it and putting her head back down to work on her sand castle. "really? Me too!" I respond. This cought her attention. She suddenly went off explaining about her life. I cant believe I have so much in common with a seven year old. Her mother was also murdered, but not by her dad, by her aunt. Her moms sister killed her because she wanted to marry Bree's father. When Bree's dad found out, he killed the sister and was sent to jail. " I call him Papa Hights." she said( hights is his last name). When I asked her why she doesn't call him daddy or dad , she replied "He's not my daddy. He's the man who helped created me. That's all he is." then, she turned and pointed to the man next to the women under the umbrella. "That's my daddy. He's my only daddy." I never knew I could have so much in common with a happy little girl who plays ball with her brothers and builds sand castles with strangers. In the faint distance, we heard some voices yelling "Bree." she stood up to leave, but before she did so, she got really close to me and held out her pinkie. "Best friends?" she whispered. "Best Friends." I replied, shaking pinkies. She got a huge smile on her face and ran off yelling bye. I yelled it back and watched as she galloped along, back to her life. The boys got out of the water and yelled bye to Liam. He waved and headed back towards me. When he came back, I handed him a towel. He was shivering. Then out of nowhere, drops of rains started falling, then buckets of rain until the point where his towel was useless. There we were, standing in the rain, on a beach, the last day together. I smiled and looked into his big brown eyes and he looked into mine. We both slowly leaned in and reached lips in the middle. We stood there for a good 20 seconds kissing. It was so perfect, I didn't want to pull away. Eventually, we both did. Thank god we did because I couldn't hold my breath much longer. He smiled and grabbed my hand as we ran for the car, feeling like the happiest couple in the world.
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