If today was your last day.

Kenzie and Liam are just two young kids in love, but what happens when Kenzie's past comes back to haunt her? Will Liam be there to help?


12. Finding her.

Kenzie's POV.
I felt my mouth drop open . "What!? Liam?!" I yelled. Suddenly, she backed away quickly, but her feet weren't touching the ground. She looked as if she was flying, which she probably was. She went really far away, then zoomed up to my face. The face wasn't my mothers anymore, it was a scary figures. It looked like the scream, with a mouth wide open and a pail white face. That didn't scare me like I thought, I just stood there. Something fake was pretending to be the people I loved. "Leave." I said calmly. I was surprised I was so calm, but it didn't work. This time, I heard not my mother or Liam, but my fathers. "Kenzie! Kennnnzzziiieee!" it screamed. I was mad now, so I simply closed my eyes and opened them again. I was in the same room, but the lights were back on, and the scary face was gone, replaced by a different one; my fathers. He had red puffy eyes and shiny cheeks. I looked up at him and he smiled. "Kenzie! Thank god your okay!" he exclaimed. He wrapped his arms around my neck. I tried to sink into the table I was laying apon, but it was hard to sink into a hard metal table. Finally, he pulled away, sniffing a couple of times. "I tried everything to get you up, even the sound of the boy's voice." he explained. That's why I heard his voice in my dream. I was hoping to wake up in his arms, instead it was to the man who ive always hated. I hesitated, then sat up, rubbing my head. "What happened? What is happening?" I asked him, feeling drowsy and losing balance. "You are dehydrated. I'm afraid, by your reaction, I can tell you are about to go unconscious. Just try your hardest to not go to sleep, and if you do slip, don't worry.,." he stated, but I was already falling under. I tried so hard to stay awake, but the pain was over baring, and only seemed to stop when I close my eyes.

I didn't have a dream, I just simply darkness. When I opened my eyes again, I was in the same room, but on the ground with my legs crossed and my hands firmly tied behind my back, a gag in my mouth. I looked around. It was what looked like midday, light slipping through the window. "Good, your up." a voice announced over intercom. I have to admit, I jumped. I didn't move or even try to reply. Honestly, I was devastated. I didn't want to be living anymore. He said nothing, but I could tell the intercom was on. Then he cursed and turned off the intercom. I looked up at the door, and him and three guards behind. "Let's go" he said with a hint of stress in my voice. The guard grabbed my arm, pulled me up, and quickly walked me out. I have no clue what's going on, but I could tell it wasn't good, especially because there was a gun in my fathers pocket.

Zayn's POV.
When we landed the helicopter, we immanently strolled off, waving to the helicopter as it lifted and took off. We were about 5 minutes away from the building Kenzie was located at, so we had to walk there. We all walked next to each other, with rare talking. Liam walked with his hands in his pocket and staring at the ground. We were pretty much silent the whole way, only saying a few words every second or two. What were we supposed to say? We couldn't say anything. When we arrived at the building, we ducked behind a little price of iron in the field. "we just need to get Kenzie and get out. No distraction." Liam said. We all nodded and he stood, walking towards his nightmare.
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