Somethings just happen

Emma Finch was just your normal girl until she meets One Direction. Emma was not a big fan of them but what happens when she starts to fall for Harry and when he starts to fall for her. What happens when they start to date but Emma sortly finds him cheating on her? What happens when she calls up one of the boy to comfort her? Will feelings start to form? Read Somethings just happen to find out .


2. The Journey to London

I had just finished school and I was so happy. I was finally free, well sort-a. I still live with my dad, my parent have been divorced since I was ten. So I live with my dad and my mom lives in America. I was so ready for the summer. Summer was my time to relax and just forget about everything that was going on. This summer I was gong to be spending it with in London. From where I live London is about five hours. I was so happy when my dad told me that I could spend the summer with my aunt. My aunt or my dad's sister was my best friend. I know it is odd to say that your aunt is your best friend, but it is true. I feel like I can tell her anything, do what I want, and just be myself around her. She is the only person that really gets me. It was time for me to get going I only had thirty minutes to get to the train station before my leaves. So I grabbed my bags and ran to the car where my dad was waiting. HARRY'S POV. I was just about to head to the train station to go to London. I was going to be spending my summer with the boys in London, you taking I break from all of the touring that we have done. I was looking forward to this, just hanging out with my best mates this was going to be a great summer. "Honey, come on or you will be late for your train." I hear my mom yell from downstairs. That meant that it was time for me to get on my way. I grabbed my bag an headed on. ******Author's Note**** sorry for the short chapter did not have enough time to right with all of the homework that I have. I will try to update as soon as possibly, but if I don't I am so sorry. Please let me k ow what you guys think of the story so far. I will love to know what you think and what you maybe want to happen. Love ya lots, Jenni
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