Somethings just happen

Emma Finch was just your normal girl until she meets One Direction. Emma was not a big fan of them but what happens when she starts to fall for Harry and when he starts to fall for her. What happens when they start to date but Emma sortly finds him cheating on her? What happens when she calls up one of the boy to comfort her? Will feelings start to form? Read Somethings just happen to find out .


1. Life as we know it

My life was going good until one summer. I was just your normal girl that went to school, hangout with friends, and did thing that normal teenagers did. That all changed that summer I went to London to vist my aunt. I was excited about going over there but I did not expect my life to be the why it is now. To tell you about my life I will have to start from the beginning for you to understand. So are you ready to hear my life story ? Well it all started.........

******Author's Note******
I hope you guys will like this fanatic, the idea came to me the other day. Tell me what you think of it and maybe check out my other fanatics.
Love you,
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