My new life

Kate moves from the place shes always known then she meets some special boys who help her trough the tough times ahead. no hate please this is my first movella!


1. WHAT!?!?

Kate's POV:



God damit I have school today! Grrr I got up and went to take a shower before school. oh my im so sorry i forgot to indroduce my self!


Well my name is Kathleen Anne Lavay I perfer Kate

I am 13 years old, my favorite color is purple and i live in Canada! I have really light brown hair and grey/blue/green/gold eyes!

I have 2 besties named Maddy (brown hair blue eyes fav color green) and Meg (red hair, blue eyes)

I also love 1D and i love to sing!

Anyway I hopped out of the shower and quickly got dressed and applied makeup. It is the last dat before Christmas vacation! "Hi mum" I screamed as i entered the kitchen "Hey sweetie" she replied. "Honey we have somthing to tell you" my dad said entering the room. What is it i questioned? Honey we're moving........ "WHAT!?!?!" I screamed "WHERE!" "Kate hon we're moving to London, Englend" my mom said softly.



So do you like? comment! if no one likes it i wont continue! sorry for spelling and gramar im trying to improve!


love ya


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