My new life

Kate moves from the place shes always known then she meets some special boys who help her trough the tough times ahead. no hate please this is my first movella!


2. Here we go

Kate's POV


'NO YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME' I screamed "I'm sorry sweetie but its already done we are leaving tomorrow" my dad told me.

I headed out the door dreading the fact that I was going to have to break the news to Meg and Maddy (my BFF's)

"Hey Kate!" they cheered "Hi guys" I said "I have some news for you" "OMG did someone ask youto the dance!" Maddy squealed "um no guys in moving."

The two of the where stuned we all broke down crying about 10 seconds later. "Where" Meg wispered I replied with a faint "London." For the rest of the day we clung to each other and cried until the final bell of the day rang.

"I'm really going to miss you guys" I sobbed "We are too" they replied in unison "what a funny bunch we are, I am going to call, text and skype everyday" I said as calmly as I could.

Good bye girls I screamed

They had just droped me off at my house. Now to begin my tretchorous challenge of packing.... here we go.

*3 hours later*


"DONE" I screamed I finally finished packing. I cried the whole time I had grew up in this house, all of my family and my friends were here and now suddenly we were going to London. None of this made sence to me.


I am so sleepy but I can't stop crying, eventually I fell asleep....


*next mourning*



My stupid alarm clock went off, another day of scho.... wait a second i'm moving today.


Oh dear......... here we go




Hey guys sorry if its short im not verygood at thiss!!

Please like and comment Idk if i should continue this is quite hard!!

So should I


My love


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