Brand new start

this is a story about a girl named Freya, she's 16 years old and just moved London with her mum to meet her step dad and her step sisters, Ruby and Poppy.
she already lived in many places, mostly because her mother married a lot, but this time her mother seems pretty determined to make this weeding work...
maybe this will be the last marriage and Freya will finally have the chance to start over...
Hope you like it


4. Where did i get myself into?!

-Freya... - i hear a sweet, british male voice calling my name, but my eyes weren't ready to open - Freya... - the voice called again so i turned myself to the other side, maybe this way who ever is trying to wake/bother me will understand... and leave me ALONE! - FREYA!- i hear a voice yelling right into my ear, ok, that's it!

i got up and gave my worst look to the brown haired guy standing in front of me, who ever you are, you're so DEAD!

-what the hell was that?! and who the hell are you?! - i yelled getting up and looking as angry as i could to the stupid, blue eyes guy, who does he think he is?!

he kept looking at me, with this stupid smile on his face, which just made me madder, he was just.... smiling!! he came into my room, made me deaf and has an answer he... smiled?! was he kidding me?! you don't wake me up and just stand there smiling!!

-are you gonna answer me? or did you just turned mute? five seconds ago you seemed just fine!! - i yelled felling so angry! and so tired at the same time....

-I'm Louis - he said placing his hand in front of me and smiling like if i hadn't said anything! what was his problem?

-whatever... what are you doing in my room? - i said giving up on my angry face, i was just too tired to stick to it... and i'm not gonna waist the little amount of energy on a screaming boy i've never seen before....- can you just leave? - i asked but it sounded more like a plead but whatever, i just wanted him to disappear!

-why would i do that? - he said smiling and letting a little laugh came out, this guy was really testing my patience...and i've got to say, i don't have much of it!

-please just leave! i wanna sleep! -i said and laid down again, if he wasn't going to leave, i wasn't going to stay awake, i've spent almost 5 hours inside a fucking plain, i deserve to sleep!

i closed my eyes and felt some lift behind taken from the bed, he was gonna leave! FINALLY! i curled a bit more and with a smile on my face, a victory smile, tried to fall asleep again...

-ok, you asked for it - i heard the Louis guy say and before i knew it he had picked me up and was carrying me out of the room. was he dropped at birth or what?! what part of LEAVE didn't he get?!?!

-what are you doing?! let me down!! - i yelled moving my legs, trying to get out of his arms, he sticky and filthy arms!

-ok - he said and in a mater of seconds i was on the floor with my ass hurting like hell! now, i'm really done!

-are you stupid or what?! what's your problem?! - i yelled getting up and felling like i could just rip this guys head of! right there, right NOW!

-i'm not stupid, i'm Louis and my only problem is that you don't want to move your lazy ass - he said and walked away leaving me on the floor looking lost, this guy was totally nuts!! 

oh, no, please tell me he isn't from the family, please! pretty, pretty please!!! what did i get myself into?! i was right from the first place, this family is weird and thank good where living soon!!

i slowly got up and decided to go down stairs, i seriously needed to know if i was gonna have to deal with this guy or if he was just some friend that i will never see again. i have my finger's crossed for the second option!

when i got to the end of the stairs i looked around and followed the laughs sound that came from the outside, it sounded like more than just five people... oh my god! what if they are all like that Louis guy?! i'm gonna die....

-Freya! - i heard one of the clones yell, has i walked to the outside. it looked like one of those parties, where people get together next to a fire, or something and has i tough there were more than just five people, there were like FORTY or even more! 

-hey - i said walking to her, and looking around, i am truly afraid that Louis guy is gonna show up again and do something... he's just so weird... i think i might be afraid of him, he just scared the hell out of me!!

-so you've already meet Louis - the other clone said and has soon has i heard his name, my heart literally stopped.

-yeah, i did... - i said pretending to smile, if these girls had friends like him, i don't it's a very good idea for me to hang out with them, what if the rest of their friends are like him? or worse what if the clones are like him?!

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