Brand new start

this is a story about a girl named Freya, she's 16 years old and just moved London with her mum to meet her step dad and her step sisters, Ruby and Poppy.
she already lived in many places, mostly because her mother married a lot, but this time her mother seems pretty determined to make this weeding work...
maybe this will be the last marriage and Freya will finally have the chance to start over...
Hope you like it


8. Talk with Louis...

-i'm fine don't worry - i said faking a smile while walking out of the office and into the living room (finally!).

i wiped this stupid tear, rolling down my check while at sat down on the empty comfy couch, pull your self together!! why did i have to BREAK in front of him?!

-BO! - i heard Louis voice yell at my ear making my body tense up but i just stared at him like if nothing  had happened, like if i was made of stone, UNBREAKABLE.... which i'm not....

-do you want something?- i asked facing his bright blue eyes... i really don't know how can such an annoying guy be so gorgeous?!

-i just thought you might need some company - he said smiling and sitting right next to me.

-thanks but you don't have to - Harry must have said something to him, already.... but what DID I EXPECT?! obviously! they're friends, OF COURSE HE TOLD HIM!

-but i want to, i don't think we started with the right foot - he said smiling and acting... nice??

-you think?! - i asked and we booth started to laugh.... it's actually kind of a relief that he doesn't think that was a good staring... otherwise i would be DEAD!

Louis started to ask me many questions about my self, age, school grade and many other boring things that for some reason i asked with a big smile and with some laughs from booth of us... this was so weird! but for some reason i didn't hate him so much and saw him more like a goofy person... some one i would love to be around!

-now is my turn! - i yelled before Louis could ask me another question.

he just smiled and leaned against the couch with this cheeky smile, how cute! WAIT!!! WHAT?!

- ok, first question! - he said looking has excited has a small kid on christmas morning, not has some one who's just having some chit chat talk.... but whatever!

i asked him how old he was, 20, what did he do, sing (how odd...), how are we now related, cousin's, why is he here, invited by the clones and Charles, for how long, not sure yet.....

-ok, i think we could call it an end! - he said stoping me from asking the next question, i looked at him confused... i didn't really have any important question to ask but i was enjoying it.... - lets do some thing else! - he said excited.

-Like what? - i asked, had no idea of what we could do and i was still waiting for my food... i new i should've picked it up myself! i'm STARVING!!

-I don't know, whatever you fell like doing! - he said smiling, he seemed more nice now, i mean the way we first meet wasn't the nicest way we could've picked but although i still think he has some mental problems...ok, maybe not mental problems, that's to harsh but he's... how shall i say it...different? but a good different, a CRAZY different!

-i don't know a thing here so you pick - i said looking around, the living room has just the basics things, ok, not exactly the basics because i think i can't consider a HUGE FLATS SCREEN a basic thing! but it was just the T, a shelf filled with movies and book's, three big couch's and some "artistic" things... nothing caught my special attention...

-how about we go out? - he asked jumping from the couch with a big smile.

-if i say yes, can we please eat something? - i asked but it sounded more like i was begging, please say yes, please, pretty, pretty, PLEASE!

-DEAL!! - Louis yelled and ran to the hallway, living me alone in the living room... he is just so odd! i got up with a smile on my lips and walked to met Louis.

when i got there i saw him speaking to Harry, who has soon has his eyes and mine meet gave me this pity look... how i hated pity looks!! i faced the floor, angry with myself, its is my fault!! NO! its his fault to! why did he have to come in to the office?! if he hadn't done that this wouldn't be happening so its his fault to! right?!

STOP! its just my fault, he was just being a nice guy, if i was a nice girl i would see that... i i wasn't so damaged i would see it.

-i'll go call the other lads - Harry said running up the stairs, leaving me alone with Louis.

-the other "lads" are coming too? - i asked Louis quoting Harry, i can't tell if it's a good thing or not... but if Harry doesn't go, i don't think i'm gonna be very sad... i don't hate him, but i just HATE his pity look... this is why i never open myself to others, it NEVER ends well for me!

-yeah, is that a problem love? - he asked and i froze, did he just call me LOVE?!?! what the hell?!?!?!

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