Brand new start

this is a story about a girl named Freya, she's 16 years old and just moved London with her mum to meet her step dad and her step sisters, Ruby and Poppy.
she already lived in many places, mostly because her mother married a lot, but this time her mother seems pretty determined to make this weeding work...
maybe this will be the last marriage and Freya will finally have the chance to start over...
Hope you like it


5. Nice to meet you, i guess...

- Freya! - one of the clones yelled, placing her pale white hand on my shoulder, i looked at her and noticed that, she and almost 10 people where staring at me, i had turned off again, shit.... but whatever! i haven't slept a thing since i arrived!

- sorry, i'm just a bit tired. - i said smiling to her and quietly looking around, that Louis guy is inside the house and there is no way he's gonna catch me out of guard!

everyone kept talking and from now and them they would ask me if i agreed with them, so i just waved yes, over and over again.... a few minutes latter, not just a few, more like forty five minutes, which are a lot to someone with just four hours of sleep, i decided to eat something, my stomach had started to make noise a while ago and now it was so loud i was afraid someone would hear it.

i walked inside and laughed when a boy and a girl pulled apart from their "secret" make out session, looking red has a tomato and trying to start a conversation from the blue... i really couldn't keep my laugh so i just rushed my pace to the hallway, the shock and embarrassed... they looked so cute!! what did i just say?! oh, whatever....

i looked around and stayed in silence, waiting to ear plates or forks noise... there it is!! i walked to the room next to the stair case, from where i heard the noise coming, has soon has i walked inside the kitchen i frizzed... CRAP!!!! HE'S here!!!

his stupid and acute laugh( oh, how much i HATE HIM!!!!) brought be from my professional killer thoughts, he pointed at me and his group of friends looked my way, i blushed and looked away, why the hell was i blushing?! what's wrong with me?!

i shoo those thoughts and walked to the cupboard, took the first pack of cookies and set myself ready to run out of the kitchen and into my room, so, set... ready...

-hy there - i heard Louis annoying voice coming from behind me, i took a deep breath and turned to face his stupid deep blue eyes and his hideous smile... everything about him is so... BLEW!

-hy to you to - i said and looked at his friends who were staring right at us... awkward... - what do you want?  -i asked while he smiled at me for some reason i do not know... is there something on my face?! i don' think so!

-calm down, i came in peace! - he said while raising booth his hands, playing the innocent part and making my hate for him GROW!

-waking me up like that, is no peace, its WAR!! - i said walking past him but his hand stopped me right before i crossed the door.

-if i apologise? will you fell better, if i do? - he asked and i couldn't get if he was being sarcastic or if he was just being his stupid self.... how annoying!

-it will only make a difference if you mean it and if i get my well deserved 10 hours of sleep - ok, maybe not that much but whatever... he placed his hand in front of me, waiting for me to shake it, two options, one i shake his hand and latter on i'll have to be next to him and pretend i don't hate him or, option two, i won't shake his hand, i'll publicly hate him and he will be able to turn my life into a living hell.... what should i chose??

i shook his hand, trying to smile but even with this, forgetting deal, i don't think i like him, just his face annoys me like, A LOT!

-i'm Louis - he said smiling, i smiled, this time without faking it and looked at his big blue eyes again.

-nice to meet you, i guess - i said and we booth let out a little laugh, he was so weird... and annoying.... but at the same time, so was i!

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