Brand new start

this is a story about a girl named Freya, she's 16 years old and just moved London with her mum to meet her step dad and her step sisters, Ruby and Poppy.
she already lived in many places, mostly because her mother married a lot, but this time her mother seems pretty determined to make this weeding work...
maybe this will be the last marriage and Freya will finally have the chance to start over...
Hope you like it


2. "New Family"

i open my door, walking slowly to the out side, the cold air made the skin of my naked neck crawl, so i pulled the collar of my leather jacket up, to cover it. the neighborhood semed like a very quiet place, there was no one out side and the only noise you could hear where from the cars and from the train but it was so low that i bet the train station was miles from here.

my mum was still inside the car, but the driver was now running to open the door for her, i letted out a small laugh, everyone was always so nervous around my mother, its was like they were afraid of her... i would be, if i wasn't her daughter and if i didn't know how to deal with her... 

ok, what i do with her isn't exactly deal with her, is more like i don't get in your way, you don't get in mine and when other people are around i love her like a daughter loves her mother and she loves me like a mother loves a daughter but has soon has we're alone again we go back to silence.

we aren't the happy family type, but honestly i'm already used to it and i don't know if i would be able to get used to one of those movie families, playing games together and charing... Blew...

has soon as i heard my mother high heals hit the floor, the house front door opened and a tall man followed by two blonde girls came out. the first impression i got from the girls, was that they look exactly the same, not just the clothes, the rich girl stereotype, ok, that too but their faces and the way their hair was... they were like clones! not the crappy ones you see on those crappy scary movies but like, REAL clones!

i kept staring at them and i could fell a stupid smile on my lips, and although i tried to hide it, i just couldn't, just staring at them made me like this i don't even want to know how's it going to be to live under the same ruff as they... but something i'm really excited to know are their names! i have a massive list going true my mind and by their faces i'm almost 100 per cent sure it ends with an "y" ( i have nothing against people with names ending in "y" but something in their faces told me that).

the man ran, literally ran to take my mums hand, and help her out of the car, so i slowly walked to meet them, with my eyes switching from my step sister's to my nervous and sweaty step dad.

this looked like a scene of a comedy movie, there was i, the calm girl, watching everything from the out side, the serious and scary woman, also known has my mother, the nervous guy, who smiled and sweated like a little kid on its first day of school and the two clones, with their plastic smiles and their ralph lauren clothe, what an happy family, right? here's what i think of it, Blew!

-hello Charles - my mum said giving a kiss on the mans check, making get even more nervous, and thereafter, making me let go off a small laugh, one that i just couldn't hold inside.

- sorry - i coughed, at my mothers unapproving look.

-this is my daughter Freya - my mother said pointing at me without even facing me, probably expecting me to carry on with the presentation, but gladly for her i am so curious about the clones names that i will do her this favour, just this one time.

-yes, i'm Freya, you're Charles - i said shaking the man sweaty hand and quietly cleaning it on my jacket before turning to face the clones - and you two are? - i asked with a yellow smile on my face.

they looked at each other before looking back at me, and giving me a full glance of all the teeth's on their mouth, i'm gonna assume that to them thats a smile...

-I'm Poppy and this is Ruby - one of them said, the Poppy one and them pointed to the other.

ok, i should just quit school this instant and open one of those store where you can ask to know your future, get tricked by a lady who's just playing around a stupid glass bowl and believe something that the lady probably saw on a movie somewhere, but i wouldn't need to trick people, i would be giving them true guesses because there's no way i could've guessed these girls names if i dont have some kind of a gift! 

ok, maybe this night without sleeping, isn't really working at my favour so... i'm gonna stay in school, but i'm gonna keep calling them clones because i honestly can't recall which one of them is Poppy or Ruby....

great way to start! thumbs up for my temporary queer new family, because by the look's of this sweaty man, Charles... i don't this is gonna last.... 

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