Brand new start

this is a story about a girl named Freya, she's 16 years old and just moved London with her mum to meet her step dad and her step sisters, Ruby and Poppy.
she already lived in many places, mostly because her mother married a lot, but this time her mother seems pretty determined to make this weeding work...
maybe this will be the last marriage and Freya will finally have the chance to start over...
Hope you like it


3. My house

i walked inside, behind my new queer family, still with a stupid smile on my lips, but what the hell this was all so weird that i cant blame my self for it!

the two clones, walked side by side, talking about some celeb gossip, my mother kept talking on the phone and my lovely step dad, made sines to the mades and smiled at me the moment he noticed me looking, i smiled back and looked around.

the entrance hall was quite big, everything looked old and expensive, but there were zero family photos, it was like they had just bought the house and the furniture and hadn't spend most of their life in this house... maybe they didn't the might have moved recently....

-Have you always lived here? - i asked to no one in specific.

-yes, since Poppy and Ruby where born - Charles answered me - do you want to go see your new room? - he asked with a big smile on his face, he looked so excited about it that a bit of curious grew inside me, usually my room was the guest's room but with a desk, the basics. i never really cared because i never stayed long to really need my own space.

- yes, i'd love to - i said smiling and holding my bag, but one of the maids took it from my hand, and before i could say something she was already on the top of the big stair's case.

i looked confused to Charles but he just moved his hand, as who say's "lets go", so i walked behind him on the stair and already on the second floor, followed him to a room on the end of the hallway.

he opened me the door and waited for me to get in, when i did, i was for the very first time in my life, speechless. the room was painted in light grey, the bed was in a dark grey metal and the sheets and furniture where painted in white but what really caught my attention, where the two big windows, one in front of the white desk and the other one, next to a white small couch.

the room was simple, but i can honestly say that i fell in love with it. it was a real teenage girl room, at least the way i always pictured one and for a few seconds, i saw myself in that room, for more than just a few months....

- do you like it, Freya? - Charles asked, leaned against the door.

i looked around, with a big smile on my face and when i turned to him, he just smiled and left the room closing the door behind him.

i walked over to the small white couch and sat on the meddle facing the window, outside the weather was just the same, grey and cold, but inside of me, i knew i could get used to all of this, having a room, having a family and dealing with the crazy british weather.... its unreal how much a room can change my opinion....

i laid down on the couch, still facing the window, for a few minutes the street staid deserted, but then a big black range rover stopped right in front of my house. My house.... i thought before closing my eyes and falling asleep. 

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